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Biagio Civale


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Interview 05/24/17

Biagio Civale  
Biagio Civale Biagio Civale Biagio Civale Biagio Civale
  La Nazione re Montedomini    

BOOKSTAND PUBLISHING of Morgan Hill, California has published A Human Universe, 237 pages, 11"x8", ISBN 978-1-61863-005-6. These images in color reflect the artist's constant journey, meeting human beings and situations.

Various free books on Biagio Civale are available in iBookstore of Apple.com:
- Civale's intaglios, 2012
- The Windmill and the Wanderer, 2013

BOOKSTAND PUBLISHING, of Morgan Hill, California, has just published Graphics As Thoughts, available in paperback, 346 pages, 8.5" x 4.5". ISBN 978-1-58909-844-2. The 360 images, in color, are like an open door into the mind of this contemporary artist. Graphics As Thoughts is a thorough blending of Civale's eclectic abilities and becomes a multifaceted living document. It includes drawings, woodcuts, linocuts, rubbings, mixed media, etchings, serigraphs and other graphic techniques. Available from Amazon, Ingram, Barnes and Noble.
Best link is www.BookstandPublishing.com

BOOKSTAND PUBLISHING, of Morgan Hill, California, just published Abstract as Feelings, available in paperback, 278 pages, 11" x 8".
ISBN 978-1-58909-827-5. The 269 images, in color, present a selection of Civale's abstract work, from 1952 to 2010. "Abstract art is art that does not, generally speaking, represent recognizable objects....These artworks are from different periods...like a surprise visit to his studio. The images are just feelings, perceptions, conscious recognitions, sentiments, sensations...." Available from Amazon, Ingram, Barnes and Noble.
Best link is www.BookstandPublishing.com.

BOOKSTAND PUBLISHING, of Morgan Hill, California, A World of Images Revisited, available in Paperback,
278 pages, 8.5" x 4.5". The 311 images, in color, are correlated to the different experiences of this artist and are a true journey into his world of images, which were created either at the time of his vision or revisited in his memory. ISBN 978-1-58909-811-4. Available from Bookstand Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Book Company, Alibris. Quickest link is www.BookstandPublishing.com entering the word "images" in the search field.

LULU.COM has published A WORLD OF IMAGES, available in paperback and also downloadable, 81 pages,
11" x 8.5". The majority of the images in this booklet was created during the years 2003-2007.
(available through Amazon)

Lulu.com has published THE MULTIFACETED BIAGIO CIVALE'S ARTWORK, available in paperback and downloadable, 66 pages, 11" x 8.5". This booklet reflects the opinion that the modern artist should express an inner world, expressing the energy, the motion and other inner forces; this is an alternate view versus the mechanical means of representing objects via cameras and photos. (available through Amazon)

Lulu.com has published NOTES AND SKETCHES BY BIAGIO CIVALE, available in paperback and downloadable,
130 pages, 11" x 8.5". This book includes graphic works, sketches and a variety of poems and thoughts.
(available through Amazon)

Lulu.com has published WOODCUTS, LINOCUTS AND RUBBINGS BY BIAGIO CIVALE, available in paperback and downloadable, 79 pages, 9" x 6".
(available through Antiquarian bookseller, Bibliocom, Choosebooks.com and Abebooks)

SNAPFISH has published BIAGIO CIVALE - INTAGLIOS, available in paperback, 24 pages, 3" x 4".

EDITION HELIODOR, of Westbury, New York, has published Biagio Civale : Woodcuts & Linocuts, 1950-1990,
60 pages, 49 b/w plates, ISBN: 0910463115, Book Id: 59-2228 available from www.art-books.com and various other distributors of art books and directly from Biagio Civale.
(available through Bibliocom and Abebooks)

Website: www.Civale.org

Other websites carrying or showing some of Civale's artworks:
; www.askart.com ; www.avisen-avk.com ; www.artmajeur.com ; www.afonline.artistsspace.org ; www.ArteComunicarte.com ; www.artists-village.ning.com ; www.ArtsWestchester.org ; www.ArtPrice.com ; www.artisticallyconnected.com ; www.artisho.com ; www.ArtVibrations.com ; www.ArtVitae.com ; www.artbreak.com ; www.buzzmyart.com ; www.BlueCanvas.com/ginocivale ; www.espectro.com ; www.FineArtAmerica.com; www.Kunstvx.dewww.kunstmaler.dk/artistC ; www.Facebook.com ; www.itsartnotstuff.com ; www.myartspace.com ; www.myartinfo.com ; www.MyGoArt.com ; www.NewArtCollectors.com ; www.PicassoMio.com ; www.ProudArtists.com ; www.ROGallery.com ; www.SAATCHI-GALLERY.CO.UK/YOURGALLERY ; www.Sell-Arts.com ; www.sigvardson.com; www.westarts.com ; www.wooloo.org ; www.123SOHO.com ; www.Spraygraphic.com , www.seesle.com ; www.WhiteColumns.org
(information as of March 2011)


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